INDIAN rocks beach

How you can help:

There are many ways you can help! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to support us. 

Volunteer: We can always use the help of volunteers, especially on the day of the event. Volunteers typically assist with helping vendors to set up their tents if needed, directing vendors to their designated lot after they are finished unloading, directing patrons to restrooms or trash receptacle and recycling bins, assisting in setting up seating, breaking down tents after end of event, etc. 

Basic Sponsorship: Contribute $150 and we'll happily give you or your company special mentions and share your links on our webpage and social media accounts as a supporting sponsor.

Title Sponsorship: Limited spots available for this level of sponsorship. Contribute $500 and we'll have your logo added to our vendor forms, posters, fliers, advertisements and on the large banner that the city of Indian Rocks Beach puts up for us. We'll add links to your organization with special mentions on our social media accounts and our website. Vendor space is available, if desired. You will also receive special mentions on the day of event from our band as our main sponsors for the event. 

Fundraiser Support: Several local businesses that are unable to participate as a vendor but still want to support our cause prefer to donate gift certificates or items to be used in a raffle or silent auction. We are grateful for these contributions, as they're a great path to successful fundraising for our event. Another great way to help is to donate cases of bottled water or canned sodas (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Sprite) as all money collected from sales goes toward our fundraising. 

Simply Sharing!: Help get the word out about our event! Word of mouth and social media shares go a long way. Like us on Facebook! Share our event page. Share a link to our website. Tell your friends and family to come see us! Especially if you are a vendor or sponsor to IRB Greenfest; we encourage you to show your support and let your followers know where to find you on Saturday, March 24th! If all our vendors shared our event announcement with their followers, we'd reach several hundred or even into the thousands of folks who haven't heard of us yet! 

Go Green!: Even small steps make a tremendous impact for our environment with a little effort! 

  • Shop local! We support our local businesses and organizations. Supporting and shopping local really does help the environment as well as our economy. Local businesses typically use up less land, less natural resources, create less traffic and air pollution and carry more locally made products. Non-Profit Organizations typically receive higher support from local businesses as well.
  • Recycle! Take the extra step in recycling your plastics, aluminum, paper, etc. It makes such a tremendous difference. Too much waste ends up polluting our waterways, ingested by wildlife, and increasing the amount of land needed to be used as landfills.
  • Use less water! It may not seem like a big deal, but every time you leave the water running while you brush your teeth, you're wasting around 5 gallons of water. It adds up quickly! Not only will you be helping the environment by reducing the water waste, but you'll also save on your water bill!
  • Reduce your dependence on plastic bags! Buy a couple reusable bags to bag up your goods during purchase. Did you know around 500 BILLION plastic bags are used annually? About half of those bags each year end up where they don't belong, in our oceans, along roadsides, drifting off into the world where they can take up 1,000 YEARS to decompose! They contribute to the 10 metric tons of plastics that pollute our ocean. 

There are a numerous variety of ways that you can help reduce your carbon footprint and every little step helps. This is just a tiny list (that we'll continue to build along the way) of the ways you can make a difference.